"Be the Song" (single): released February 24, 2018  (Download at store or via bandcamp)


Friends with the Weather  -  released September, 2016  (Download at store or via bandcamp)

1. Blessed for the Journey YouTube Lyrics  Behind the Songs

2. Loveliness               YouTube     Lyrics     Behind the Songs

3. Light Awakes:          YouTube     Lyrics     Behind the Songs       

4. Tell Me Stories:       YouTube     Lyrics     Behind the Songs        

5. It Gets Better:          YouTube     Lyrics  

6. Love Makes a Way  YouTube     Lyrics     Behind the Songs        

7. Was it You:               YouTube     Lyric            

8. Seriously                  YouTube      Lyrics     Behind the Songs

9. Ezra's Song:              YouTube     Lyrics     Behind the Songs 

10. Moon & Stars:        YouTube     Lyrics      Behind the Songs           

11. Love Wins              YouTube      Lyrics     Behind the Songs

12. On the Other Side  YouTube     Lyrics     Behind the Songs

Live at Johnny's Speakeasy  -  released December, 2016  (Download at store or via bandcamp)

Brave Man from Ohio: YouTube      Behind the Songs    

One Foot:                       YouTube   

Our Love:   

My Family:                     YouTube      Behind the Songs