On The Other Side

Lyrics by Chris Good & Seth Hendricks
Music by Chris Good & Seth Hendricks

Ain't no light, like the light that shines in the darkness
Ain't no hope like the hope that sparks from despair
Ain't no flower like a flower that blooms in the desert 
Ain't no love like the love that conquers fear

Ain't no song, like the song that sings from the silence
Ain't no dance, like the dance that awakens the soul    
Ain't no rain, like the rain that quenches the thirst
Ain't no sun, like the sun that bursts through the storm

Rock me, roll me
As the days and hours go by, together side by side
Let me rock you, roll you
We’re gonna make it through the night
yes the morning’s coming on the other side.

Ain't no joy like the joy that overflows from the sadness
ain't no peace like the peace that stands with the broken
Ain't no life like the life that rises from the ashes
Ain't no dream like the dream that finally breaks free 

Bless that spark and let it go, watch it grow, spread all around the world.