Ezra’s Song

Lyrics by Chris Good & Seth Hendricks
Music by Seth Hendricks

On Monday you’re a firefighter, dressed in red you are the water-igniter,
but don’t extinguish the fire that burns bright in you.
On Tuesday you’re a movie star, on the big screen is where you are,
be bold, strong and vulnerable too
On Wednesday from the sky comes a superhero,
soaring so high everyone looks little to you
Just remember sometimes even heroes fall, nobody wants to feel small

But you don’t have to be anything
You don’t have to be anybody else
You don’t have to be anything more than you already are

On Thursday you’re a farmer, roll up the sleeves you are the gardener
of the earth, soil, may you tend it with care
And by Friday you're a teacher, creating space going deeper and deeper
Revealing the pathway to our dreams 
Then Saturday comes an emergency you’re a doctor caring with compassion fearlessly
Every day brings something new,
and whatever you choose know the beauty lies in you

On Sunday morning in the front row gospel choir singin’
I’ll fly away, hallelujah by and by the days will go
May the song you sing spring hope and overflow