It Gets Better

Lyrics by Chris Good & Seth Hendricks
Music by Seth Hendricks

Sometimes I wonder why I'm even here,
would anyone notice if I disappeared.
But I don't need to be noticed
Just want to leave it all behind.

Seems like every day is an uphill climb
A choice between bullies and living a lie.
But these clenched fists don't protect me from the lonely nights
That's when I hear you say:

Oh my love its gonna get better
It's gonna get better if I have anything to say about it.
We both know what a cruel place this world can be
But its gonna get better love.

And I know it's often hard to see
The light shining inside of me
Because I hide deep in the shadows of my pain and my fear
Sometimes I feel I can hardly breathe.
That's when I hear you say:

But I take a deep breath, and take the next step
I get up each day, even when it's hard
I have dreams, I have passion, there's so much I wanna do
I try to sing the words, believe that they're true