Tell Me Stories

Lyrics by Chris Good
Music by Chris Good & Seth Hendricks

Sunshine hits your face like the Goddess was aiming for you. 
I know that I would if I were her.
I'd light it up to see each freckle, each eyelash 
And those worlds bursting in your eyes.

Tell me stories, tell me your dreams
I want to know everything. 
Tell me stories, tell me your dreams
My heart's so full I can't help but sing. 

You've got that sparkle that brightens up every room,
Magnetic in your glow
this precious life is sacred, your tender actions speak 
You've helped make a believer out of me. 

You threw moonbeams with your smile 
And I almost lost, I almost lost my balance.  
Just one look, one touch. 
misty nights beneath the stars, I found home in you. 
Just one look, one touch 
I found home in you