Lyrics by Chris Good & Seth Hendricks
Music by Seth Hendricks

Well I was hoping 
I got this word to share to be spoken
And now I’m waiting
They say timing is everything but I know yes I know the right time has already passed me by 
So I’ll sing this song cause it heals me
this melody that you keep revealing
And so we dance along, step to the right I can see clearly
Step to the left, your shadow’s near me     
And we’ll carry the light
As it drops into horizon
radiates and warms my soul 
This I know

Loveliness, Loveliness
You are loveliness

Well your heart is like an open door
No keys or combinations
no judgment waiting on the other side
Come in and rest awhile with me 
imagine possibilities
remaining hopeful
in a place and time we may never see
You and me
Creating a beauty we believe

In Loveliness, Loveliness
You are loveliness

How can I hold you?
With a word I try to grasp it, I don’t have all of the answers
How can I tell you?
What I know to be true, yes I believe in you, so I sing