It didn't surprise me at all that a new song came into being a couple weeks after Seth Hendricks heard Jarrod McKenna preach. Anyone who has ever worked with Seth knows what a passionate collaborator he is, constantly inspired by the ideas of the people around him.  Jarrod, a man who claims "every Christmas carol is a protest song," brings insight, wisdom, and conviction to burn. Working in the tradition of other nonviolent resisters, Jarrod is a leading advocate for the Australia based Love Makes a Way movement, which describes itself as "Christians seeking compassion for people seeking asylum."

Jarrod's work & message struck a deep chord in Seth and soon after he brought to me the beginnings of what became the chorus & pre-chorus..."Can you hear the angels sing? Love makes a way." Can you hear it? Can you believe it? How will you make it so?

Our friend Kay Guyer's powerful piece "Solidarity" felt like the perfect visual companion to the song. The song is an expression of solidarity & a deep yearning for sanctuary amidst homelessness and persecution.  We hope this song can serve as a call to follow the example of the many courageous people living with conviction and clinging to hope in the face of growing racism, xenophobia, and discrimination.

Recording alongside our collaborators Seth Bernard, Julian Allen, Brennan Andes, and Jim Roll was a profound experience. These artists, all beacons of hope, love, and authenticity, challenged the three of us (Seth Hendricks, David Hupp, and me) to really dig into the power & spirit of these tunes. I'm really proud of what we accomplished together and this song is a highlight for me, as it continues to challenge and inspire me.  -Chris Good