Greetings friends! It's been awhile since we sent out a newsletter and much has changed since our whirlwind Kickstarter campaign this summer. 


Officially released on the Autumnal Equinox, September 22, we are thrilled to finally share these songs and this album with the world. For many of you who helped support this project, we are so grateful. Thank you! 

Our debut, self-titled album is currently available as a CD or digital download through:
1. Our website
2. Earthwork music
3. Bandcamp

The 12 song album is divided into three 4 song movements, “The Light Awakes,” “From the Darkness,” and “Over the Horizon.” To be a human is to live in a world of fear, grief, injustice, and disillusionment. This album & the project more broadly, is our creative expression of exploring what we can do in the midst of those spaces. How do we learn & grow in those challenging times, and strive to be sources of love, hope, passion & vision? The weather inevitably comes at us every do we choose to live amidst the unpredictability of the storms & the sunny skies?

For more of the story behind the album visit the Earthwork Music blog feature on the release.
"Light Awakes" Lyric Video 

We are excited to share with you a lyric video for our lead single, "Light Awakes." Many thanks to all of you who have already shared & watched on Facebook!

We hope this music (and video) befriends you on your journey and we invite you to share this with your friends & family. Perhaps with a friend who has helped awaken the light within you, or a friend who could use a little extra encouragement along their way. You are strong, you will find your way. Together, we are stronger, we will find our way. WATCH HERE.
Merchandise also available! 

High quality, super comfortable, baby blue soft T-shirt with purple Friends with the Weather logo printed by Ann Arbor Tshirt Company. 

Impress all of your frisbee tossing friends with this classic black & white regulation weight Discraft ultrastar disc!

Available at our ONLINE STORE.

Friends with the Weather FALL TOUR

We hope to see many friends (and meet some new ones!) as we tour in support of our new album in the coming weeks. Please share with your friends in Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, and Kansas. More dates to be announced soon.

10/6 Goshen, IN  7PM @ Goshen Brewing Company w/Sadie Gustafson-Zook (Details HERE)
10/7 Ft. Wayne, IN 6PM @ Beacon Heights Fall Festival (Details HERE)
10/8 N. Manchester, IN 3:30PM (Manchester University Homecoming)
10/13 St. Louis, MO (for more info email
10/14 McPherson, KS 7PM @ Craft Coffee Parlor
10/15 McPherson, KS (private event)
10/16 Wichita, KS 6PM w/Delores & the Pickin' Fretter (Details HERE)
10/23 Englewood, OH (for more info email

Community supported music!

Many thanks for being a part of our community. We are here, celebrating the release of our album, largely due to the incredible support from our friends, family, and supporters. We are so grateful for that support, and humbly ask that you continue to nurture & encourage this music and this project. We are actively looking for the following and would welcome any leads, contacts, or recommendations. Please email
  • Venues: we are excited to take this music into communities near & far who are looking for soulful, heartfelt music. Listening rooms, festivals, universities, schools, clubs, churches, concert series, house concerts...we are eager to hear from you where you think this music should be heard.
  • Radio: we have already received some limited radio play & are eager to seek out more radio partners. Do you have a local community radio station? A local NPR affiliate that showcases Indie music? Is your cousin a DJ for a new music podcast? Drop us a line!  ​
  • Press: Our hope for Friends with the Weather & this new album is to reach ears far beyond the small but vibrant community that has supported us so far. In order to do that, it's essential that we receive some album reviews and press that highlights what this music and band is about. Do you have press contacts in your local paper or entertainment magazines? National or regional magazines? Music blogs? Radio journalists? TV contacts? We would love to hear any suggestions on ways to help spread the word.

And, again, THANKS! We hope you enjoy the new music and look forward to seeing many of you at a show in the weeks and months to come. 

Chris Good, Seth Hendricks, and David Hupp