Who is Friends with the Weather?
Friends with the Weather, a new project from the trio of singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalists Seth HendricksChris Good,and David Hupp, is a continued exploration of Hendricks and Good's longtime songwriting partnership of 16 years. While those familiar with their catalogue will recognize familiar lyrical & musical stylings, Friends with the Weather brings a freshness of new material, written in the midst of unique times, creating new sonic textures amidst new collaborations. For more details on the bio & full list of project contributors please visit HERE.   (pictured: Co-founder Seth Hendricks with guest vocalist Lindsay Lou)       

Why am I getting this email?Although Friends with the Weather is a brandnew project, our roots go deep and we have been nurtured by many incredible communities over the years. Through your past support of Seth, Chris, and David in Mutual Kumquat or their other endeavors we have grown and matured as musicians, performers, and songwriters. We are excited to share this new project & new music with you! 
(pictured: Co-founder Chris Good)

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First single, "It Gets Better," online now! 
After months of work in the studio we are thrilled to share our first single from our upcoming debut album! Music by Seth Hendricks and lyrics by Seth & Chris Good.

Available for FREE listening or download via:


Friends with the Weather welcomed to Earthwork Music roster!
This past week the project was also officially welcomed into the Earthwork Music Collective. We're thrilled and honored to be a part of this inspiring group of musicians, educators, and activists who have been a part of our daily soundtrack for years. If you know Earthwork then you know why we're so excited. If you don't, we highly encourage you to spend some time getting to know this roster of talented & visionary musicians. Read the official Earthwork welcome HERE, from Earthwork founder Seth Bernard. (pictured: Co-founder David Hupp)

Friends with the Weather covers Seth Bernard's, "My Family," as part of Earthwork covers Earthwork project.
As brandnew members of the Earthwork Music Collective we're thrilled to get the chance to participate in this sweet compilation project "Earthwork Covers Earthwork." Here's our take on our good friend, collaborator & Earthwork founder Seth Bernard's great tune "My Family." Visit the Earthwork BLOG for a glimpse at the story of why we chose the song, to see an accompanying original painting by the talented Michigan artist Michael Anne Erlewine, and to see the live video of the recording of the song featuring some very special guests including our Mutual Kumquat collaborators Jacob Jolliff & Jacob Crouse and Randall Moore & Erin Zindle of The Ragbirds!! Direct YouTube video link HERE or click on the picture! (pictured: Erin Zindle & Jacob Jolliff)

"It Gets Better" gets first radio play! 
Friends with the Weather's first single was featured on the radio show Tree Town Sound. Friends with the Weather co-founder, Chris Good, was also interviewed about the new song & the new project. You can listen to the entire show via podcast. Chris' interview begins at 10:15. Listen to it HERE.

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Thanks so much for your continued support of our musical journeys!

Love, Chris, Seth, and David