Greetings friends! 

We wanted to keep you in the loop with recent news from the Friends with the Weather crew. Thanks so much for the interest, supportive words, and enthusiasm that many of you have shared with us in recent weeks. It means a lot! Here are a few highlights of what is going on:

Kickstarter campaign launches to help fund debut album!

We love writing songs and making music. This project and album is a bold and faithful testament to that love. For the first time we are surrounding our music with the kind of professional support and guidance (producers, recording engineers, musicians, videographers, etc…) that we think this art deserves and we hope you will enjoy the fruits of this labor of love!

This Kickstarter campaign will help us record our debut album & share it with the world! Watch the 3 minute Kickstarter video, check out the rewards available for backers, and get all the background info here:

You, as part of our community, are part of what makes this possible. Please help us do what so many of you have strongly encouraged us to do through the years. Make good music for good people. We would not be doing this if we did not already feel your support and belief in this project.

"Ezra's Song" music video released on Father's Day

From the original post of the song on our Facebook page on Father's Day:

"On this Father's Day, we are releasing our second song, "Ezra's Song." The song is a blessing from a father to a child. Today, it is also our blessing and celebration of all of the fathers & men out there bringing the soulful, gentle, nurturing, loving, creating energies into this world. These papas are going to keep on making the music, dreaming the dreams, nurturing the next generations, and lifting up the hope that we can be a part of creating something beautiful."

Featured in the video are pictures and videos of 7 of the main Friends with the Weather contributors with their children and/or fathers. Watch the video HERE!! 

"Brave Man from Ohio" live video released

This past Sunday we released a new video & song that honors the community we have been birthed, inspired, and nurtured in. It is people like conscientious objector & humanitarian, Ted Studebaker, and singer-songwriter, Andy Murray, that have helped us find our voice. Check out the link to learn more about Ted Studebaker:…/studebaker

Written by one of our mentors, Andy Murray, we chose to include the powerful song, "Brave Man from Ohio," in our Live from Johnny's Speakeasy acoustic session because of its continued poignancy & relevance decades after it was originally written.

"Give me a hammer instead of a gun...If I die I'll die making something, instead of tearing something down."

This song will be included in the 5 song EP featured in our kickstarter campaign rewards:

We'd love to keep in touch! Find Friends with the Weather online at:


We hope this summer unfolds with plenty of joy, love, and adventure for you and your loved ones. Many thanks for your presence in our musical journeys!!

-Chris Good, Seth Hendricks, and David Hupp