THANK YOU!! 2 days left to reach our stretch goal!

Friends, we are so grateful for your enthusiasm and support this past month. We are humbled and inspired by the levels of support that have come in from so many of you, both financially as well as by helping to spread the word of the kickstarter campaign. We have met our initial goal!! Over 150 backers helped us eclipse our $20,000 goal. We now have our eyes on our stretch goal of $33,000 but we will need a strong finish to make it there! Can we do it? This goal would not only allow us to complete the recording of our debut album and produce all of the rewards for the kickstarter rewards, but it would also give us a small promotional budget to help launch this project & get these songs out into the world. Click on the picture to hear Chris' thank you video and to hear about our SPECIAL stretch goal rewards!! It's not too late to join the community of backers, to increase your level of support, or to make that final post sharing the link to your friends & family! Here's the kickstarter link to share:

Seth Hendricks solo & acoustic mini-concert streaming now!

Last week Seth Hendricks gave a 25 minute mini-concert via Facebook LIVE. Thanks to all who tuned in, shared the video, and asked questions about the project & the kickstarter. The entire concert is still able to be watched and gives a sneak peak behind several of the songs on our upcoming debut album, including several that had not previously been performed. Click on the picture to go to the video!


Bloopers, updates, features & more!
Throughout the Kickstarter campaign we have been producing a steady flow of blooper reels, campaign updates, and features on a variety of project contributors. You can find these on the UPDATES page of our Kickstarter campaign or on our FACEBOOK page. Here are a few highlights from the last week:
"The frisbee"
Blooper reel #3

Yesterday we spotlighted Chris Good in the first of three short features on our trio of co-founders. Also featured in this video is a preview of the song, "Tell me Stories," featuring guest vocalist Lindsay Rilko of Lindsay Lou & the FlatbellysLook for the other two features in the remaining days leading up to the end of our kickstarter campaign this Saturday. (VIDEO)

Last week Chris was a featured contributor to the Earthwork Music blog in a writeup about the Friends with the Weather project & Kickstarter campaign

Enjoy a Mr. Rogers-esque interlude & thank you from our own, David Hupp. (VIDEO)


The People Say: 

Thanks to all who have helped spread the word about the kickstarter campaign and shared kind words of encouragement or endorsement. Here's a small sampling from the many generous supporters of the project. 

These guys have such a great spirit about them and they have been pouring beauty and grace into the world for a long time through their music. Come help them keep it up. -Dana Cassel (VIDEO)

There IS an alternative to hatred, bigotry, violence, and lies. Whether your own life is stormy or calm, please help me celebrate the music of 'Friends with the Weather', a new band that lifts up family, community, taking care of our earth, peace, justice, and love! Let's help 'Friends with the Weather' reach out with these uplifting messages of hope and love! -Lois Good

Friends with the Weather is writing music to enliven our hearts open our minds, to feed our souls. It's uplifting, visionary, eyes wide open to the world but not discouraged, cynical, apathetic, beaten down. That's the kind of music I like to listen to. -Ken Rieman (VIDEO)

You know what's fun? Friends helping friends make their dreams happen. You know what's even more fun? When this friend's dreams include producing and sharing some earth-shakin, toe-tappin, soul-sharin music for the masses. You ready to get in on all this fun?!​ -Shelley West

We'd love to keep in touch! Find Friends with the Weather online at:


Thanks again for being a very special part of our musical journey! 


Chris, Seth, and David